We are always looking for motivated contributors to join our team at Ascent Xmedia. We are eager to view your work if:


If you become an Ascent Xmedia contributor we provide:


Contract specifics:

Ascent Xmedia offers a 50/50 artist/agency split at the start of our working arrangement, with increasing royalty rates available to productive contributors. Artist payments are made via electronic deposit, in either US dollars (USD) or Swiss francs (Chf). Payments will be sent out quarterly for amounts exceeding 200 in either currency. The term of agreement is 3 to 5 years, with an automatic 1 year extension should both parties desire to continue on in the relationship.
It’s in our interest, as well as yours, to sell your best work at the highest prices possible.  To this extent we will endeavor to place as much of your work in the higher priced RM market as we can, with Getty Images and other firms. However, please note that we are at the whim of editing criteria at such firms, so we cannot guarantee precise collections placement. Also, in some cases, imagery that is initially selected for RM may be deemed RF in time if it does not sell, a process that we have no control over. Suffice to say, however, that your very best and most relevant work should occupy the highest price point possible, and for a considerable length of time.