Philip and Karen Smith –

The founders of Ascent Xmedia GmbH – have collectively worked in the stock photo and film industry for over 30 years, contributing media to clients ranging from Facebook, Microsoft, Ford, BMW, Siemens, and HSBC to National Geographic, Geo, The Economist and many others.

From the very start, Philip and Karen focused their talents on creating exceptional mountain and travel adventure photos and film. It’s an emphasis they have never really lost, even while evolving much of their new work towards inspirational lifestyle, business and industry imagery.

Ascent Xmedia is the realization of their long-held vision to pull together a group of like-minded, and exceptionally talented, visual artists to create a totally new brand of inspirational cross media. We strive to divide our time between Switzerland and Canada.

We are currently looking for more motivated artists to join us in creating inspiring and unique content!

If you are interested in producing content to be sold in the stock media market or if you have any other questions/feedback, don’t hesitate to send us an email with any questions you might have about Ascent and what Ascent can mean for you!